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Modern Slavery Policy

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 has been enacted to address certain Human Rights and makes it an offence for any
company to exploit others in the execution of their business. The Act also places a responsibility upon purchasers to
as far as reasonably possible; ensure their suppliers do not contravene Human Rights.

The major areas addressed within the Act relate to slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour or be involved
in any with Human Trafficking with a view to being exploited.

The offences are set out in section 1 and section 2 of the Act which can be found at:

Linnet Technology does not come under the requirements for compliance of this Act as defined within legislation,
however Linnet management will always endeavour to meet the spirit by ensuring its’s own employees are fully
compliant and as far as reasonably practical that their suppliers also meet the terms of the Act.

Paul McAtee
Managing Director

Reviewed: 8th January 2023
Next Review: 8th January 2024