The Award Winning Hydrogen Fuel Cell Back Up System

With concerns about climate change, pollution, increasing demands for energy and ever increasing price of fossil fuels, the need for alternative low-emission sources of power has never been greater.

In response to the emerging demand from Linnet Technology customers, in association with our partner Auriga Energy Ltd, we have developed a hydrogen powered fuel cell backup power system.

Our current reliance on traditional diesel generators and battery systems is not sustainable and we all have a responsibility to look after our environment. Hydrogen fuel cell UPS/Generator backup power systems can help achieve tangible reductions in carbon emissions and help achieve sustainability targets.

Industry Recognition

Linnet Technology Ltd were recently presented with the SELECT electrotechnical Award for Best New Product 2012 for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Back Up System.

Speaking about our product, Newell McGuiness, SELECT Managing Director, said: “Every year, this industry sees a flood of new products – almost every one claiming a unique improved ‘feature’.

“So special congratulations are due to Linnet Technology for thinking outside of the box and grasping the nettle of future energy needs with a potentially game changing product driven by the enterprise of a Scottish-based company.”

How it works

In simple terms, a fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen (from the air) to produce energy, with heat and water produced as by-products. The electro-chemical cell captures the electrical energy of the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and converts it into electrical current. The fuel cells produced are combined to form a ‘stack’, in order to provide the levels of power output required for practical use.

Generating electricity from hydrogen is a clean, highly efficient, electro-chemical process, producing no emissions or toxic waste. It can effectively contribute to an organisation’s corporate sustainability and carbon reduction initiatives, in addition to offering a range of commercial and environmental benefits.

Technical Specifications

Key system parameters:

  • modular system for a wide range of powers
  • a range of operational voltages
  • matched inverter to deliver required AC power
  • wide operational temperature range -20ºC to 50ºC
  • utilises industrial grade hydrogen
  • zero-emissions
  • quiet operation
  • operational runtime virtually unlimited
  • high reliability, longer life and low maintenance
  • lower whole life costs
  • installed indoors or outside
  • remote monitoring options through ethernet or wireless
  • no toxic/diesel waste or spillage problems

More Information

The first installation of the ‘AurigaGen’ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Back Up System took place at the Sabio Ltd Glasgow office in March 2012 with the grand opening on 11th September in the presence of Fergus Ewing, Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism. More information on this installation can be found here.

At Linnet Technology’s Stirling Head Office, we have a portable demonstration unit which can be transported and set-up at a mutually convenient location. This allows us to show all interested parties exactly what the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Back Up System looks like, how it operates and compare it to any current UPS system.

To arrange a presentation of the system or find out more information please call our Stirling office on 01786 450433 or email us